Negative Effects of Social Media

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  • Published: March 17, 2013
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Negative effects of social media on society

Gülşah Yılmaz

Business Administration


Afe 123 , Section 1

Brent Dingler


Negative effects of social media on society

Thesis: Social media affect people in many way negatively.

Many people have a preserence on one of the social networking sites and most of the people

are addicted to it. Yet, these social networking sites like facebook , tumblr , twitter have

negative effects on society.

I.Firstly , it can be said that social media affect human health negatively.

A.To begin with , social media have nagative effect on people’s mental health.

1.Primarly , spending less and less time outdoors and with other human beings can cause depression , anxiety etc.

2.More than depression and anxiety , using too much internet can cause addiction.

B.Also , social media can cause behaviour disorders on people

1.As an example , because of social media eating disorders can happen on people.

2. Another example is when people spend too much time on internet insomnia can show up.

II. The second important negative effect of social media is on social life.

A.At first , it is obvious that social media can damage people’s social life.

1.The biggest reason for lack of socialisation is social media.

2.Social media is harmful for people’s relationships , too.

B. Social media isolate people from real world.

III.The final significant negative effect of social media is on people’s personal life.

A.In the first place, people lose their private lives because of social media.

B.Apart from that , spending too much time on the internet makes for less productivity.

Negative effects of social media on society

It is well-known that The Internet is a worldwide network of thousands...
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