Negative Effects of Media

Topics: Advertising, Bulimia nervosa, Obesity Pages: 4 (1342 words) Published: October 1, 2010
Negative Effects of Media
Since the birth of communication, media has been used to convey information to those willing to take it in. Beginning with publications of simple spoken words, and soaring to new heights in the twentieth century with radio, television, and the internet, media has been made accessible to people in every aspect of their daily lives. With such a strong hold on modern society, mass media has been able to shape popular culture and influence public opinion. However, when abused and overused, the power of media can harm the general population. Biased media tends to make people strive to be someone else's idea of perfect while subconsciously ignoring their own goals. Stereotypes formed by the media that include thin, tan women, and wealthy, muscular men have led to a decline in acceptance of themselves. A lot of the media today often presents the perfect body to the public hoping that consumers will strive to achieve fitness using a certain product or idea. While this form of advertising may increase a product's market share, many people suffer from inner conflicts as a result of failure to achieve the body of a top athlete or fashion model.

Along with emotional conflicts, those influenced by the media have encountered physical problems, including bulimia, anorexia, and taking on harmful dietary plans. Unless reality is stared to be input into these commercials, some people will continue to suffer. Consumers could find the truth more easily if media offered products advertised by normal people without all of the extra glamour. In addition to this, if the public could view advertising only as something to get one's attention and not a portrayal of how one should look, there would be fewer problems. Until either is accomplished, the negative effects will be affecting the vulnerable, and companies will continue to make their money.

Those consumers given a false impression about a product through various forms of media are the ones who...
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