Negative Effects of Mass Media

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  • Published : October 22, 2005
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Nowadays, as technology advances, so are the ways of advertising. Earlier in the century, advertisements are only presented in the simplest ways possible; for example, posters on the walls, handing out flyers, and other simple ways. However, nowadays, advertisements are seen on television, magazines, public transportations, and the most popular, on the internet. Even though the purpose of advertising is to deliver the message across to the public, after a certain while, advertisements can become a pain. For example, the overload of advertising emails in one¡¦s email inbox, the amount pop up¡¦s on a website, and telemarketing phone calls. The problem that almost every computer user faces is the amount of junk mails they receive everyday. Junk mails not only take up the amount of space in the email storage, but also, they sometimes deliver virus to the innocent audience. These junk mails are often advertisement emails from companies promoting their products, increasing their publicity, or even solicit money over the internet. To remove the junk mail problem, computer users often spend an amount of time and money on deleting the junk mails, or purchasing expensive software to permanently block the annoying junk mails. Even though the companies¡¦ intention is to promote sales and increase publicity, their ways of advertisement can often bring many problems to many innocent computer users. Another problem that the mass media causes is the excessive and frustrating telemarketing phone calls many households receive everyday. These phone calls serve the same purpose as the advertisement emails; however, the only difference is that the phone calls are less impersonal that the emails. Also, the phone calls can help the company reach directly to the potential customers and receive instant feedback. These telemarketing phone calls may be acceptable every once in a while, but with certain companies¡¦ persistence on calling the same household everyday, this may be a...
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