Negative Effects of Globalization

Topics: Globalization, Tourism, Culture Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Negative Effects of Globalization
Today, the world seems to be smaller than before as interactions among different countries have increased. The effects of globalization can be felt in practically every aspect of our lives today. According to Professor Litz, "Drinking cappuccino and Perrier water, eating sushi, or listening to American or British rock on an iPod while driving the Toyota over to McDonald's dressed in our known-brand jeans are becoming increasingly common worldwide activities" (Litz). A new trend has been developed all over the world. At present, countries are now moving towards cooperation and exchange. Nonetheless, some people believe that people should also be concerned that globalization may lead to the disappearance of many native cultures and languages. There are some negative effects of this phenomenon, including loss of appreciation of unique cuisine, neglecting own language, and commercialization of unique cultures and traditions.

First of all, the diversity of cultures is shown in the unique cuisines of each country. However, due to the influence of western cultures, many people, especially younger generations, have inherited the habit of eating fast foods and drinking sodas. This explains the proliferation of fast food restaurants all over the world. The problem that may be caused by forming a habit of eating fast-food instead of native food increases the risk of people to certain diseases and conditions. To prevent the loss of a country’s unique cuisine, there should be an advocacy to patronize native food because, not only does it give people energy and sustenance, it also helps establish cultural identities.

Secondly, due to globalization, the importance of learning English has greatly increased. Globalization has created a modern global village wherein the main language of communication is English. Modern society expects people to know how to speak English. According to Professors RUAN and Jacob, “Since China re-opened its...
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