Negative Effects of Games and Toys

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  • Published : March 5, 2008
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Since the early nineteenth century, when the toys and games industry really exploded, there have been many negative effects on young children in the world. Many violent games have caused traits such as aggressiveness, depression, and addiction to many kids when they grow up. Sexist toys have caused kids to grow up in a tunnel-vision type of point of view. Also card games have had an effect on kids growing up.

All boys want them. Halo 2, Doom, Mortal Combat, Max Payne, and Medal of Honor are just a few of those real-life violence video games that are the top of all children Christmas lists. But are these games that young children should be playing? Recent studies at a university concluded that college students that play violent video games have higher heart rates, more reports of dizziness and nausea, and more aggressive thoughts. Also Stephen Kirsh investigated the effects fourth graders and third graders who played violent games vs. the children who didn't. Out of three of six questions, the children that played violent games answered more negatively of the characters in a book than the other children did. Also crime and abuse rates in America have sky-rocketed in the past decade in America. Another incident of a negative outcome from a game came fro the Columbine High School shootings in 1999. Two boys that decided to go on a shooting rampage on morning. Would it be a coincidence that the history of these boys is that they spent weekends playing the shoot-em-up game called Doom, which oh by the way, had a version of two killers dressed in trench coats go around and kill just like the way these boys did in Columbine. Exposing kids early to these types of games can seriously affect their behavior throughout life.
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