Negative Effects of Facebook

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  • Published : November 17, 2011
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For those schools that allow access to Facebook, the use of Facebook in our communities can take an inordinate amount of internet bandwidth. How do we reconcile our concerns that younger and younger children are using this adult social network?  Years ago it was rare to learn of a child under 7th grade with an account.  Now estimated about 60 - 70% of 7th graders have accounts and the number is higher for 8th graders.  These children are too young to be using Facebook or other adult social networks for the reasons detailed below.

The first negative effect that Facebook can have on our lives is undesirable information about us can spill beyond the boundaries of chosen privacy settings and ended up in the hands of a third party. Whatever we choose to post online can never be entirely private. If too much information is exposed, someone may find out where we live and it is especially dangerous for girls. Moreover, young people need to be careful when they think they are just chatting with friends because others may read what we write. Facebook does have privacy features, they should be used to prevent identity thief. To our students using Facebook, there is a false sense of privacy. We need to show them examples of the serious consequences that have occurred to those whose egregious online behaviour has been made public. Students have been expelled from high schools and colleges. Students have been denied acceptances to intern programs, admission to independent high schools, colleges, and jobs at summer camps. Students and their families, have been sued for slander and defamation of character. Students and their parents, have been arrested.  These consequences are all because of the content they have posted in their "private" social network accounts. People are trolling their accounts yet they did not realise. The people could be hackers, scammers, reporters, police, high school and college admissions officers, employers, parents and others.

The second...
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