Negative Effects of Cell Phone

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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The negative effects of cell phones

With the increasing popularity of cell phones comes many adverse effects not only on a social level but also on our health. Many of us can't imagine a day without our cell phone but by Are we losing the ability to communicate face to face? How tragic it is to hear bout accidents caused by talking and texting while driving. We are easily convinced that we need new phones with new features but neglect the fact that the old phones that we dispose of can harm our environment greatly. Cell phones have many negative influences and hidden dangers. Over the years as cell phones have become a major part of our society they have presented major physical and psychological dangers. Due to Phone bulling or " cyber bulling" there have been many reported suicides.< In the year 2000 a 15 year old girl committed suicide after receiving many anonymous calls.> This is just one many examples of phone bullying. < In a poll taken in 2006 by and organization called Fight Crime: it was found that nearly 1/3 of all teens and every sixth preteen had been a victim of cyber bullying.> Another misuse of cell phones among teenagers is the violent trend none as " happy slapping". Happy slapping is when kids record violent acts and send it to other kids. It originated in London. The first attacks were minor and were perceived as harmless fun. The videos were circulated on the web and the level of violence increased and in some cases the attacks ended in death. Cell phones have become smaller and the power to invade ones privacy has gotten greater. Instead of cameras on cell phones being used to capture fun memories they are being used to violate people's privacy. Voyeurism has become a perverse trend among teenagers. It's not to hard to feign to be texting on a phone while taking a picture of a person that doesn't suspect it. The tragedy is that these pictures eventually end up on the web and cannot be...
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