Negative Effect of Employees with Strong Communcations Skills in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Communication, Socialization Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: November 6, 2012
of empThe Negative Effect of Employees with Strong Communication Skills in the Workplace I disagree with the statement that strong communication skills should be one of the most important aspects in selecting future employees and am against the basic idea that an organizations atmosphere can be manufactured by handpicking employees solely based upon their communication skills. There are several different aspects that are involved in creating an atmosphere that is beneficial to the company along with maintaining a hiring policy that supports a more diverse group of potential applicants and future employees. Typically, a person with strong communication skills is very good in being able to communicate and verbalize his feelings or emotions on any given topic. These are also the people who are usually the hardest to get along with just because they seem to have such a strong willed personality that will create a workplace that may over criticize every decision to be made which in essence could reduce productivity and eventually require an increase in workload. Strong communication skills should not be the number one hiring principle when it comes to having a productive and collaborative work force. When a company hires an employee, it is usually because they feel that particular person is the correct fit for both the job at hand, and also that person is the correct fit for the company as a whole. People who have strong communication skills aren’t always going to be the perfect fit for any job available, and to believe that every future employee you hire will have excellent communication skills is just an unrealistic goal to have. Having strong communication skills is very helpful during the encounter stage in the organizational socialization process because these people are quick to introduce themselves into the company and to their fellow coworkers. However, once past the encounter stage1, the person with the over compensating personality or excellent communication...
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