Negative Attitude

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Negative Attitudes

WE probably know someone who is negative.
You may wonder why they are so unhappy.
Maybe they don’t know how to stop being that way, or maybe they appear more negative than they are. When you look at the list that follows, see if you are guilty of any of those attitudes…… aggression, anger, , blame, critical, , depression, dishonesty, indifference, irresponsibility, jealousy, revenge, sadness, selfishness,  thoughtlessness, unemotional, and untrusting.  …

Effects of Negativity

Now that you have a list of words that describe negative attitudes, maybe you would like to know what they do to you. A negative attitude really does affect your quality of life. Sometimes it takes control of your life and you see everything in the worst possible way. You are not happy and the people around you are not happy, either.

1. Negative attitude Shortens your life. ….
2. Such attitude Creates unpleasant future…
3. It harms others………
4. Unsatisfying circumstances/life…

From a physical standpoint, negativity, unhappiness, and stress weakens your immune system. When this happens, you can become susceptible to many diseases, including one’s that occur because of stress, like heart disease and ulcers…. Negative environment---

when you think you are powerless over your environment and your environment is negative, that causes your negative attitude…. You always have choices.
If your family is negative,
for example, you can choose to live away from them or at least see them less often. If your friends are negative, you can simply refuse to be with them. This will definitely be beneficial because then nobody will reinforce your negative beliefs and thus cause your negative attitude. Remember, however, that youattracted your friends and because of that you have the power to attract better ones.

as we speak it creates sound if we speak negative it...
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