Negative Aspects of Industrialization

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  • Published : November 13, 2006
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After the depression of the 1890's the United States experienced a monumental economic surge. This was primarily due to an innovative structure of production and distribution, also known as industrialization. The life of an average worker altered dramatically as industrialization took place. Typically, these alterations benefited the obscenely rich, and disintegrated workers' morale. Industrialization had a negative impact on the working people by facilitating minority subordination, persuading a loss of culture, and removing the power of skilled trades. Unequal treatment of minorities did not start during industrialization, but its acceptance was strengthened considerably. This message was spread very efficiently because of the large amount of people involved in industrialization, poor and rich alike. Society collectively internalized racist and sexist views; making these views seem like facts. This was a time that could have taught tolerance on a large scale, but instead chose discrimination. The method that created these inequalities best was occupation. Being a woman, a racial minority, or both at this time meant second-class work. Each of these groups had their specific niches in which industrialization more or less placed them. All of the occupations were not absolutely degrading, but even if the occupation was somewhat glamorous, individuals could not count on being treated equally. These are the roles that taught America where minorities should belong. The minority newest to the workforce were white women. Initially, this group was not viewed as an essential ingredient for employers, and in turn earned very poor pay. Reasoning behind the subordinate view and unfair earnings of women lay in some store owners' opinion that "their wages were appropriate because women who worked part time needed only to supplement their families' income. " In reality, "most part-time saleswomen eked out a meager living for years, hoping to be hired as part of...
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