Negative Aspects of Globalization - Essay

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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Negative aspects of Globalization
Globalization seems to be a word and concept that just keep growing. The term globalization is constantly being discussed in the news. It is all around us and some people are happy about that fact, others however are feeling the negative effects that it can have on an economy as whole as well as on an individual level.

Much has been said about globalization bringing jobs to underdeveloped countries; although this is true people tend to forget about the people in America and other developed countries that are getting their jobs taken away and now remain unemployed trying to figure out how to make ends meet. Globalization has caused unstable job opportunities, with more jobs than ever being outsourced to countries like India and China it is unknown how many more hardworking citizens of the numerous developed countries will be let go and replaced for cheaper labor. This is unfair because in America ideally, people pay money to go to college to get a degree where in return they get a good job that pays well. Now the fact is most of those jobs are getting outsourced to other countries, the more outsourcing that is done the higher America’s unemployment rate is that means the government will have to spend more money giving out unemployment checks.

Though many advocates of globalization believe the movement has been beneficial to the less-developed countries, the truth is that in many areas there is exploitation of labor. The larger companies are taking advantage of innocent people who are getting treated horribly. Child labor is another concern about globalization many businesses are so money hungry that they would do anything to ensure the absolute cheapest labor they can find even if it is a child. When the chance making a higher profit takes complete control of a business many times moral principles and ethics take the back burner. Nike is one of the most prominent cases of this exploitation, when w it was discovered in...
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