Negative and Postive Effects on Movie Production

Topics: English-language films, Girl, Charlie's Angels Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Position paper # 4- Good or Bad?
Movies have always been known to give there viewers a message. Whether it's a message on the world, politics, society and etc. although in all the movies many has seen there is always a message about what the director or producers believe a women's role is in life. In this case what they are portrayed as. The best example of this kind of view is the movie called "Charles Angels: Full throttle", directed by McG. In this movie there are three beautiful women are spies, which work for this man named Charlie, hired to retrieve titanium rings called H.A.L.O when the rings are put together in a machine a list of individuals that are in witness protection shows. During their search for the rings the director shows the viewers how women can be portrayed as in today's society in negative and positive way. First of all, there are many scenes in this movie that portray women as being sneaky, unintelligent, liars, and lastly tramps. An example would be in the beginning of the movie the character that was named Natalie comes into a scene and is seen as a young brainless girl. Natalie then starts to drinks with the men in the bar. Scenes like this portray women as being irresponsible and entrust worthy to be left alone, because of the fact that they are un intelligent. Another example of how women are viewed in this movie is in one of the scenes the three women had to work as strippers to retrieve a card to gain access to where the rings were. Here women are viewed as being manipulative sneaky tramps who well go as far as to be willing to give themselves up to retrieve what they want or even desire. Last example of how women are seen is how these women are always changing character and lying to others what they do and what they are. Showing there viewers that women are not 100% truthful, and how each girl has their own secretes. Each girl has a secrete that is revealed towards the end one of the characters lied about how she was a Brain...
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