Negative and Positive Impacts of Tourism in Kenya

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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A report to show the main negative and positive impacts of tourism in Kenya. Kenya is located in Central Africa and the crystal clear Indian Ocean laps the sandy shores on the eastern edge making the beaches the perfect holiday destination. As well, the equator runs through the middle of the country making it sunny and warm which appeals to the tourists. There are lots of things on offer including safari trips where tourists can see wild animals. It is a big hit on tourists because there is something for everyone however; behind the scenes people are suffering due to the impacts of tourism. Tourism in Kenya brings both positive and negative impacts to the country. Whilst some people are affected by the millions of people a year coming to Kenya others are not and it benefits them. A lot of people come to Kenya for a once in a life time experience to see the big 5 in the wild. A hot air balloon ride is popular because the tourists get to view the animals from above on a large scale but the hot air balloons cast shadows over the enclosures which can scare the animals due to the loud noises. This can disturb them and they may be driven out. If the animals are driven out then there will eventually be no animals for the tourists to see therefore not bringing any more money in or the main animals people may want to see may not be there making it not popular. The hot air balloons also cause a lot of noise pollution from the noise of the burner. The trailers and tractors tear up the ground which is needed for the hot air balloons meaning their habitats are being wrecked. The Tractors and trailers erode the soil and cause ruts to develop making the environment unappealing. Soil erosion causes more soil erosion which can eventually get rid of the soil making them unfertile and just rock. If a lot of soil erosion happens it will eventually erode the whole habitat for the animals so they have nowhere to live and they won’t be around anymore for tourists to see. Soil erosion also affects the local people with their environments being wrecked, the erosion can make villages less accessible as it can erode the roads and minibuses may not be able to access the safaris by soil erosion blocking in them causing a loss of money. The hot air balloons rides bring a lot of money into the country but they are also expensive to have and cause a lot of environmental problems. With their environments being affected by tourism food for the animals may become scarce which results in some animals becoming scavengers in the bins behind the lodges causing them to become obtuse. As they are rooting through bins some things they may find can be poisonous leading to death. The minibuses get really close to the animals and as many as 30-40 minibuses can be around one animal making them not want to mate, resulting in decline of numbers again. With less numbers there will be less for the tourists to see so the remaining animals will get even more people crowding round them putting them off even more consequently there will be even less animals and more being driven out. The government made it illegal to drive on the roads and patrol is sent out to stop the minibuses but there is so many it is hard to stop it completely. However the tourism brings a lot of money to Kenya and tourists flock to see the animals. The money from the tourism can ultimately go into building local amenities which can make the country better off. This would make less people in poverty and more people working as it provides jobs for the community. With more people coming and high prices they will be financially benefiting and they can therefore expand bringing even more people in, bringing even more money to the country. On the other hand with expansion of the land it takes away space of the reserves for the animals to live in making them have to compete for living space and also with the expansion local people are forced to move out in order for more hotels to be built. Due to more hotels...
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