Negating Debate- Birthright Citizenship

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Debate on Birthright Citizenship
Resolution: The United States should Abolish Birthright Citizenship Negating the resolution

3 Main Arguments:
Contention 1:
Sub Point A: We’re dependent on illegal immigrants, because according to a 2006 study by the Texas State Comptroller estimated that the 1.4 million undocumented illegal immigrants in Texas alone add $18 billion dollars to the states economic output, and more than paid for the $1.2 billion in state services they used by generating $1.6 billion in new state revenues If we were to erase birthright citizenship then there would be no motive for the illegal immigrants to cross over and thus would be the downfall of many states economic output, such as California, Texas, Florida, New Mexico and some of the northern states as well with immigration from Canada such as Montana. Immigrants pay more than $90 billion in taxes every year and receive only $5 billion in welfare. Without their contributions to the public treasury, the economy would suffer enormous losses. Sub Point B: Immigrants aren't just a weapon against inflation. The tens of thousands of illegal nannies in the Los Angeles area, for example, lower the cost of child care, freeing mothers to return to work. This in turn increases families' incomes, which encourages spending and fuels the economy.

Contention 2:
Sub Point A: If we were to get rid of birthright citizenship it would only result in more illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes and live off our money. If we were to erase birthright citizenship they would have less of a motive, but they would also have less of a way of being found if they had a child. Sub Point B: Experts note that immigrants are blamed for unemployment because Americans can see the jobs immigrants fill but not the jobs they create through productivity, capital formation and demand for goods and services.

Either one of these futures would happen if we were to abolish birthright citizenship, and...
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