Neely Crenshaw

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Neely Crenshaw, the all-American quarterback of John Grisham’s novel "Bleachers" is discussed.

Neely Crenshaw was the All-American. He was loved by everyone, and only hated by the opposing teams. In the novel Bleachers by John Grisham, Neely’s greatness is described. In his three-year high school football career, he threw a total of sixty-three touchdown passes. He threw three touchdown passes, ran for a hundred yards, and won the Gator Bowl during his freshman year with a last-second pass. During high school, he was on the receiving end of several bribes from various colleges wishing for him to pledge himself to that particular college. Neely had his pick of the females and could be with anyone he wanted.

College went in roughly the same manner for Neely, at least until his sophomore year. Signing with Tech, he remained a hero. His football glory remained the same after high school. He was still a great quarterback and the envy of all the other teams. During his sophomore year, he was the national player of the week. However, tragedy struck Neely in his sophomore year. He was hit in the knee by an opposing player in a game against A&M. The injury ended his football career and reduced him to the status of an average citizen.

Once Neely learned of Coach Rake’s illness, he decided to return to Messina for the funeral, in which many past Messina players would be present. Sitting in the bleachers of Rake Field, the first past teammate he meets is Paul Curry, who caugt forty-seven of the sixty-three touchdown passes that Neely threw. Read more in Book Talk

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They speak for a while, and then Silo Mooney arrives. Mooney is a nose-guard turned chop shop owner. He has had numerous run-ins with the police, and everyone is surprised that he is not stuck in prison. Neely meets other former players, including Nat Turner, who is the first man in Messina to...
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