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Topics: HIV, Poverty, Orphan Pages: 9 (2985 words) Published: February 14, 2013
BCDF KINAMASEKE TOWN COUNCIL, P.O. BOX 552, KASESE UGANDA Tel: +256 772 954 987/ 752 452 020 Email:
Executive Summary.
Banyabindi Community Development Foundation (bcdf) is a community Based Organization formed in 2007, based at St Mark Church of Uganda in Kinyamaseke Town Board, Kasese District in the Rwenzori mountain region about 7km to the Mpondwe Customs Ugandan border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to implement activities and programmes which were affecting the ever increasing number of orphans and vulnerable persons due to Civil wars, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, STIs and other Communicable diseases rampant in our localities. Death of parents and guardians as a result of the fore mentioned has been coupled with natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, weather conditions and other natural calamities which have not only left parents dead, but also living helpless infant/ Children. bcdf is currently implementing child protection, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS prevention among children and young people, HIV/AIDS mainstreaming at work place and sustainable livelihood in Munkunyu and Nyakiyumbu Sub County. However, sustainable livelihood, home based care, support groups’ activities are not currently running since we have not yet been able to identify and partner with main funders for those interventions. It’s against this background that bcdf is looking forward to the basket fund to take up the above activities, with much emphasis put on the OVC’s Education support.

Even for the would be way of survival in terms of agriculture produce, bcdf is intending to working with partner CBOs and funders to implement programs like providing food and clothing, supporting the education of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) through the provision of scholastic material and payment of school fees and vocational training support for adolescents, OVC Economic interventions through micro-loan program aimed at promoting self-reliance and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs ere also core interventions. Otherwise, the overall purposes of the programs are to improve the quality of life for OVC and their households.

With funding from you/Donors, bcdf will be enabled to respond to the needs of OVCs with a comprehensive program that will make a vast difference in the lives of OVC and their households.

II. Introduction

The HIV/AIDS epidemic and prolonged insecurity in Rwenzori Mountains region, at the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo have in their trail of devastation left orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) without vital parents’ support including guidance, financial provision, protection and social services. These OVCs are exposed to harsh and sometimes threatening living conditions. Common impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on orphans include dropping out of school, food insecurity, deteriorating housing environments and psychosocial distress.

Studies have shown that dropping out of school essentially reduces the future economic prospects for these children and their households, erodes their self-esteem and predispose them to HIV infection during the course of looking for survival. The situation is similar to those orphaned by conflict or left vulnerable due to displacement. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has clearly weakened the traditional support structures for children and as a result there are many households headed by OVC. Children who are heads of households

are tasked with the responsibility of supporting siblings and having to provide for their basic needs such as food and clothing. These OVC have no access to money and cannot pay school fees. This desperation makes them more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, ultimately making them more...
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