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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Needs Assessment |
Needs Assessment Overview The first step in our project was to conduct a needs assessment, in order to tailor a set of programs to fit the individual needs of the school. Specific activities include: * Identification of current needs within the school (specific populations, behaviors, curricular needs). * Prioritization of current needs. * Identification of existing resources (programs already in place in the school). * Identification of existing community/agency resources and possible school community linkages (e.g., Big Brother programs, legal aide, parenting resources, shelters, mentors, service clubs and organizations interesting in developing programs) * Specification of gaps between existing resources and existing prioritized needs. This process was completed in the following five phases:Five Phases in Needs Assessment * Phase 1 -- Process Development * Phase 2 -- Data Gathering (Forms) * Phase 3 -- Preliminary Hypotheses * Phase 4 -- Feedback and Goal Setting * Phase 5 -- Final Program GoalsPhase 1 -- Process Development * Discussed observations procedures for school administrators, teachers, students, and school as a whole. * Discussed interview procedures for school principal, assistant pricipal, teachers, and students. * Created questionnaires for administrators and teachers. Phase 2 -- Data Gathering * Conducted systematic observations in school setting of daily personnel and student activities. * Interviewed principal, assistant principal, and curriculum coordinator. * Interviewed specific teacher and student focus groups. * Distributed administrator and teacher questionnaires. * See the needs assessment interview and questionaire forms we used here.Phase 3 -- Preliminary Hypotheses * Reviewed all data gathered which resulted in five problem areas: 1. Disruptive Behaviors 2. Low Parental Involvement 3. Tardiness and Absenteeism 4. Teaching Effectiveness 5. Poor...
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