Needs and Concerns of New France

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Needs and Concerns for New France

Dear You’re Royal Highness,

I am writing to you on the issues and needs of New France. Some of the concerns and needs are, the on going war with the Iroquois, population, and industry in agriculture.

The Iroquois are a grand part of concern on our people in New France. Presently there is war going on amongst us and the Iroquois. Our people are afraid to go hunting or fishing. If the people are not able to hunt or fish New France is going to struggle because there will not be enough food to be provided. We will also fall behind in fur trading. Since the people are frightened we can not go on exploring lands as it may be risky because of the Iroquois. The Iroquois do not let us cross their lands, so we can not get to our preferred destination. So being in danger of the Iroquois had its disadvantages such as, being afraid so we are not able to hunt or fish, not exploring further, and not getting to our specifies destination.

The population in New France is struggling with men and women. I am trying to motivate our people by giving them rewards for marrying and giving birth early. If they do not they will receive penalties. In New France we are in need of more women. So they can get married and give birth. This will increase New France’s population, and you will not have to bring in more females after that. Also there are not enough residents to occupy Canada and live in it. This is a big issue if France wants to gain power and control over other land. So I suggest that before we get more women I ask if you could send in more people to New France. In addition the population has increased in men rather so then women. This again is a problem. So again our concerns are that we are lacking women, there are not enough people in New France to later expand to a big country Canada, and more men increased then women making the population gender wise unbalanced.

New France also has to...
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