Needs, Achievement, and Motivation

Topics: Motivation, David McClelland, Need for achievement Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: October 14, 2013
Needs, Achievement, and Motivation

What motivates is different for everyone, defined as by Coon & Mitterer, (2011) “internal processes that initiate, sustain, direct, and terminate activities.” Motivation moves people, it’s what drives someone to get out of bed, go to work or school each day. It makes them return home to take time to reflect of their accomplishments of the day as well as the goals and plans for the days to come. The word motivation is derived from the Latin meaning to move. It cannot be directly observed, but rather inferred by ones actions and verbalizations (Schunk, Pintrich, & Meece, 2010). It may be a call to action, but it could be a cause for inaction. Early on motivation was thought of as an internal force like will, traits or instinct. Later behavioral theories thought of it as a level of response to stimulus produced by reward. Modern psychologies theorize that it is influenced by an individual’s beliefs, emotions, and thoughts (Schunk, Pintrich, & Meece, 2010). Motivation can come from all types’ of factors, from meeting basic needs that are internal, to striving for high level rewards that are more externally driven. Intrinsic motivation is the internal motivation that drives someone personally. Conversely, extrinsic motivation is more externally driven. What drives a young person will most likely change as they grow, mature and as situations in life change. In high school someone will most likely be intrinsically motivated by good grades and future plans and be extrinsically motivated by parents expectations. As life progresses intrinsic motivation may change to get a satisfying career or start a family. For some, recreational sports might be an intrinsic motivator and winning a competition could be their extrinsic motivation. Later in life retirement and freedom from working would be intrinsic motivation for a lot of people, while continuing to help provide better lives for their families could be extrinsic motivation. As you...
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