Needle Exchange Programs

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  • Published : November 17, 2011
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Persuasive Write - Needle Exchange Programs

Needle Exchange programs have been put in states across the Untied States to help promote safe and clean needle use. The needle exchange programs also are in place to help curb the spread of blood born diseases. Some argue that they are in place to help the community and stop these diseases’ but that they are only promoting Drug use. Although this is a factor to the Needle Exchange Program, the programs have been put in place to help the people in America and in other countries.

Needle Exchange Programs are currently located in almost every state in the United States. The purpose for having these sites available for people is to stop the transition of blood born diseases. By having these sites up people can turn in a dirty needle and get a new “clean” needle to use instead of reusing the dirty old ones or even using someone else’s dirty needle. But not only are they getting clean needles, there is also other services available at the locations, like counseling, HIV testing, Hepatitis C testing, Medical Services and other things too. By having these services available to the people coming into the Exchange sites they are able to get cleaned up and sober and possibly even stop using drugs.

Needle Exchange Programs are just promoting drug use in communities. By having Needle Exchange programs in cities in the United States, they are bringing drug dealers and drug users into the family communities. People’s kids are going to see these people go into the locations get a new needle and come back out and shoot up. Only because it doesn’t cost them anything to go into the sites and get a new needle therefore they go in get their needle and shoot up. There may be other services available but not very many drug users want help, they have been doing this for years and don’t think there is hope so they continue to just get high. In some states tax payer’s money goes to support the Needle Exchange Programs which...
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