Need a Scholarship Please!

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  • Published : November 11, 2008
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Why I Deserve the Scholarship

It’s almost August 25th, college is about to begin. I get to continue my education, and I am really looking forward to meeting new people and beginning a new chapter of my life. Up until a week ago, I was one-hundred percent happy, but now have a bit of concern. A week ago, I received a letter from college and FAFSA stating that I am not eligible for a Federal Pell grant. Reading this letter surprised me, as I know that my mother and I are already struggling financially; barely making it paycheck to paycheck. My income tax report says that my income raised a substantial amount, but so have gas and the monthly utility bills. Most people wouldn’t expect to learn that I drive 53 miles and pay a few dollars worth of tolls to be able to do the job I want to build a career out of, radio broadcasting.

Sometimes I wish every student’s personal life could be taken into account when it comes to formulating whether or not a grant should be issued. Right now I find myself stuck between making too much money to get a grant, and making too little to afford an education on my own. As a result, I’ve dug into a savings account I had accumulating; originally, it was supposed to help me afford to move out from home after I graduated college. Thankfully I was able to contact the college’s Financial Aid Supervisor, and she found a $400 grant for students in need; but I still stress since college semesters range near $1000.

I’ve always been a Type-A personality, and have been referred to as a “workaholic,” at times also; I put my education and career first, sometimes before myself. I hope, that once I graduate college and work my way up the corporate ladder, that I will someday be able to contribute to someone else’s college education. I believe I deserve the scholarship because I’ve maintained a good standing with my grades throughout my years of education, I’ve demonstrated enthusiasm for learning and trying my best, and I look...
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