Need to Shift from Modern Agriculture to Sustainable Agriculture

Topics: Agriculture, Irrigation, Oxygen Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Need to shift from modern agriculture to sustainable agriculture Agriculture has been a way of life and continuous to be the single most important livelihood of the masses. The performance of agriculture sector influences the growth of Indian economy. Though the share of agriculture in national income has been come down since the inception of planning era in economy but still it has substantial share in GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Agriculture including allied activities accounted for 14.5 percent of GDP in 2010-11 as compared to 14.7 percent in 2009-10. Not withstanding the declining trend in agriculture share in GDP, it is critical from the income distribution prospective as it accounted for about 58 % employment in country and also provide livelihood to 65-70% of total population. Various important industries in India find their raw material from agriculture sector. Cotton and Jute textile industries, sugar, Vanaspati industries etc. are directly dependent on agriculture. Handloom, spinning, oil milling, rice threshing etc. are various small scale and cottage industries which are dependent on agriculture sector for their raw material. India’s foreign trade is deeply associated with agriculture sector. Agriculture and its various goods contribute about 38% in total export of country. Thus agriculture is backbone of our economic development. With use of modern scientific technology in agriculture, we become self sufficient in food grains production. As modern crop production technology has considerably raised output but also created lot of problems to us. Our natural resources are degraded and diminished. Quality of environment is adversely affected. Problem of land degradation, pesticide residue in food products, gene erosion, atmospheric and water pollution is increasing at alarming rate. Modern technology of agriculture has high exploitative in nature enhancing pollution and causing enormous damage to environment. Pesticide, which becomes integral...
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