Need to Know and Discovery Wheel

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Reading Assignment 1
Textbook Reconnaissance 53

Reading Selection 1

By Dave Ellis
start becoming a master student this moment. Do a 15-minute "textbook reconnaissance" of this book. Here's how:
First, read the table of contents. Do it in three minutes or less. Next, look at every page in the book. Move quickly. Scan headlines. Look at pictures. Notice forms, charts and diagrams. 3

A textbook reconnaissance shows you where a course is going. It gives you the big picture. That's useful because brains work best when going from the general to the specific. Getting the big picture before you start makes details easier to recall and understand later on. 4

Your textbook reconnaissance will work even better if, as you scan, you look for ideas you can use. When you find one, write down the page number and a short description of it in the space below. The idea behind this technique is simple: It's easier to get excited about a course if you know it's going to be useful, interesting, or fun. 5

When you have found the five interesting ideas, stop writing and continue your survey. Remember, look at every page, and do it quickly. And here's another useful tip for the master student: Do it now.

Source: Ellis, D., (2000). Becoming a Master Student. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, p. 1.

Reading Assignment 2


Getting Ready to Read

EXERCISE 5 Participating in class discussion
Students who take study skills or student life courses spend a lot of time exploring their own practices as students and clarifying academic goals. It is common to complete self-evaluation instruments and surveys. Answer the following questions about this type of exercise. Work with a partner and share your responses.

1. Have you completed an evaluation form or survey recently? 2. If yes, what was the topic?
3. Where were you when you completed the survey?
4. About how long did it take?
5. Was it easy to answer all the questions?
6. Was it a multiple-choice format?
7. Why do you think multiple-choice formats are common for surveys and evaluations? 8. Who used the information learned from your responses?

EXERCISE 6 Predicting from a title and illustration
Look ahead to Selection 2, The Discovery Wheel. Notice the title and illustration of a sample discovery wheel. Then answer the questions that follow. 1. Who will complete the Discovery Wheel?
2. How many areas will be probed?
3. Which one will be the most interesting for you?
4. What do you think you will learn from this selection?

EXERCISE 7 Previewing vocabularies
Before completing the survey, try to guess the meaning of the bold words. 1. Shade each section of the Discovery Wheel to. the appropriate level. a. approved
b. similar
c. highest
d. accurate

2. I have adequate time each day to accomplish what I plan. a. finish
b. assemble
c. further
d. reach

3. I apply techniques that enhance my memory skills.
a. control
b. strengthen
c. change
d. ensure

4. I can recall information when I am under pressure.
b. review
c. remember
d. connect

5. I am aware of my cultural biases and open to understanding people with different backgrounds. a. viewpoints
b. conditions
c. forms
d. knowledge

6. I am candid with others about who I am, what I feel, and what I want. a. insecure
b. shy
c. positive
d. truthful

Reading the Selection

Read the selection and complete the survey. Carefully follow the directions for assigning points and calculating totals. As you read, keep in mind that words from the Academic Word List (AWL) in the reading selections have dotted underlines .

Reading Selection 2

Sample Discovery Wheel...
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