Need to Justify Actions

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Need to Justify Actions

By | April 2012
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Tessa L Jenkins
Section 001
Entry 4
Need to Justify Actions
Justification of Effort
Kayla was on the expressway driving to Charleston. She knew what she was about to do was all types of wrong. She knew that she wasn’t supposed to be going to meet this old friend and try talking her into going to rehab. She knew that the entire thing was a bad idea. Kayla also knew that if she didn’t at least try helping her old friend that things would only get worse. She knew that if she didn’t even try staging an intervention that she would probably lose her friend forever. As Kayla approached the street of Wayward Drive, she could sense it in the air that this wasn’t going to go over well. Kayla decided that if all else fails, at least she tried. At least she took the proper steps to try saving her friend. Kayla knew that her friend was her own person and would do whatever she wanted, but she still felt a desire to try helping. As Kayla began the intervention she realized that this was a bad idea. Kayla realized that her friend wasn’t ready to get clean. As Kayla got back in her car, all she could tell herself was that she tried. That alone, gave her a sense of peace. (Note: This is a real situation but I changed the name due to privacy issues) What happened with Kayla was that she committed something known as the justification of effort. Kayla tried, and to herself, succeeded in justifying the effort she put forth in getting her friend on the road to recovery. She told herself that if all else failed, which it did, that at least she tried. At least she tried to put her friend on the right path and at least she tried to better her friend. To Kayla, that was all that she needed because she convinced herself that the fact that she tried was the least she could walk away with and she was totally fine with that.

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