Need and Respect

Topics: Need, Want, Psychology Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Most people appreciate receiving respect from others; however, much of the time people fail to give respect. Respect takes a number of forms: Respect for other people, respect for people's property, and perhaps most importantly, respect for oneself. If you want others to give you respect, you must first learn how to give respect yourself. People need to be treated with Respect. Everyone needs and deserves respect. Respect is a basic human need. We all crave respect and we all should give respect. The Golden rule, Due unto others as you would have done unto you, is perfect example of respect. This famous saying means treat others as you would want to be treated. Or in other words respect everyone. The great hold upon people is the desire for respect and admiration by others. Why? People need friends and to feel loved. If you are constantly rejected by people it hurts and it may form the way you respect someone. Compassion is remembering the humanity behind the case. Compassion is remembering the role you have in someone’s life. Compassion is listening rather than just looking like you are listening. Compassion is treating someone as you would want yourself, or a close family member whom you care about, to be treated. We can’t always do what we want for someone, provide the services needed, take the necessary action – but we can always treat people as if they are human beings and we can always show respect and behave with dignity.

Respect is not an emotion; it’s an action we perform. It is something we do to show others we value them. Showing respect is one way we can show compassion and bring healing to someone during a compromising time in one’s life. Compassion in social work is teamwork we all have to work together to help and save lives.
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