Need and New Faces

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Afternoon and welcome to the Universidad de Zamboanga, School of Criminal Justice. It is both an honor and a privilege to stand before you, specially the new comers, today and welcome you to this amazing institution. I would like to raise a toast to all the new faces in here. New faces that we don’t know till now but would wish to know. The same new faces that once belonged to us an year ago. The same new faces that, over a short period of time, will no more be, ‘NEW’ faces. Well, I speak on behalf of all the second year students here. Just a few lines of how we all feel at this juncture. Here I go. Newness or novelty has been intriguing and fascinating to man since the Neanderthal times. Novelty for us is excitement and exuberance, surprise and science, cheerfulness and joy, hope and happiness, boldness and buoyancy, positive ness and passion. But men as we all are, novelty to us also means risk, unfamiliarity, uncertainty, fear, doubt and disturbance. In the same token, the old and the established stands for ‘the familiar and comfortable’, ‘knowledgeable and therefore able’, ‘mature and therefore trustworthy’,‘rugged and therefore reliable.’ But all this goes with accusations of ‘stagnation and staleness’,‘out-of-date and outmoded ness’ and ‘the slow and the stumped’. What I wish to express using all the ‘adjectives’ that I used is that these new faces in here, our juniors for the coming year, represent to us the same hope and challenge as new players in a cricket team or new twists in a good story. And we, as seniors,should ideally be the matured bunch, a bunch of guys and gals they could trust and depend upon. Together, we can make a terrific team. So, I, on behalf of all the ‘old’ faces here, welcome the new faces with open hands, open minds and above all, OPEN HEARTS. Thank You.

Good morning faculty, families and class of Two Thousand Twelve. I am honored to be here speaking to all of you today. I want to begin with a quote from Winston Churchill from a commencement speech he gave to his prep school in 1941, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy” (Churchill, 1941) I know that quote is timeless because here I am repeating it in two thousand twelve, and why you may ask…because it is very relevant to my story. Many years ago when I began this journey I had a friend, told me that I would never be able to accomplish a college degree. Although my journey has taken longer than anticipated I proved that friend wrong, and maybe many other’s that were not as candid. I also proved something to myself with hard work, determination, and grit anything can be accomplished. Because life throws so many obstacles and distractions in our paths on a daily basis, it is essential to have supportive and knowledgeable people to go to when needed. The advisers helped guide and encourage me to finish what I started, and fulfill the dreams I had for myself. I cannot begin to properly thank not only my school family that cheered me on when I passed math class, my church family who always had kind words to say to me to help keep me strong when the storm rose up and made me weary, and my family-family who accepted the long hours in front of the computer when I had to complete research, write a paper, or read the endless text books that helped me get here today. I want to be a testament to what can be accomplished when one person believes they can achieve what others do not think is possible. Class of two thousand twelve, do not let people tell you who you are and what you can do, do not let people decide what you are capable of. In 2005 during a commencement speech, Steve Jobs said, “figure out what you love and do it, do not settle” (Jobs, 2005). I encourage my fellow...
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