Topics: Unemployment, Minimum wage, Employment Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The government has been working on the high unemployment rate in south Africa, in the previous quota we have seen a decrease in the unemployment rate from a scary 25.5% from the 2012 forth quota to a still not good enough 24.9 in the first quota of 2013, these means 166000Unemployment declined by 166 000 to 4.5-million in the fourth quarter of 2012: The expanded definition of unemployment had which include even people who gave up on looking for jobs was 35.9% in last quarter, showing a decline from 36.3% in the third quarter of 2012. The government has implemented many inefficient and efficient ways to eradicate the unemployment. In this I will talk about some of the cause and possible solutions and problems that some of this solutions might cause.

One of the major courses in unemployment is the poor education among south Africans, education to an improvement in human capital, what education does it empowers people with skills that they need to work. The poor education system and uneducated has been slowly been eliminated in teams of teachers get subsidies to future they studies and government have been working hard with the education department trying to make sure that everyone gets descent education. The implementation of career oriented colleges such as technical collages where students do not even need to pay a lot of money to study. The education department gets one of the biggest portion of the countries budgeted finance what’s left is people to actually want to study.

Minimum wages are set to high buy government. This is also a major cause of unemployment as politicians who are trying to maximize votes rather than increasing employment set this regulation. Vote maximization s one of the major problems cause by politicians as they set this high minimum wage the employers can not afford to higher more people at these high rates. Before the government...
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