Nectar Ina Sieve

Topics: Nectar in a Sieve, Hinduism, Novel Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Nectar in a Sieve
Nectar in Sieve is a novel written by Kamala Markandaya. Kamala hails from Mysore, India, and was an Indian novelist. She was a graduate of Madras University. After the declaration of India’s independence, she made the move to Britain. Nectar in Sieve was her first published novel and was a best seller.

Nectar in Sieve is biased on Rukmani, a woman from a village in India that has to deal with many different struggles throughout her life. She is forced to marry young because of her family’s poorness and then continues to struggle with financial and personal issues throughout her life. Rukmani is a very interesting character; she seems to be quite brave women for the times she lived. She has had major issues to deal with, such as making sure her children had enough food, helping her daughter find a husband. I can imagine during these times that the problems that a women like Rukmani faced are similar and in the other hand completely different to what women today go through.

Rukmani is faced with unbelievable situations throughout the story, it seems as if one problem is only beginning and then she becomes faced with another. It is if she is being continuously dragged down by her life. Nothing seems to ever go her way. This whole theme of negativity throughout the book did not help with my enjoyment of the novel and gave me a negative attitude about the book.

Rukmani’s husband and children are extremely important to her and they seem to be the only place she has some happiness. The fact she has a good marriage with her husband and that they love each other is a positive for Rukmani in a world that seems to be full of nothing but negativity and put downs no matter how hard she tries.

The strong belief throughout the novel that the suffering that Rukmani’s family goes through is predetermined by fate shows how strong a belief in religion the people of Asia have. I cannot understand personally that they believe the suffering they are...
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