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NEBOSH Question Bank 1. Replacement or repair of damaged plant and equipment is a cost that an organization may face following a workplace accident. (or) List eight possible costs to the organization following work place accident. Direct Cost: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Lost time of injured worker and any continued payments to worker or family. Damage to the equipment, tools, property, plant or materials. Medical or first aid costs. Time and materials to clean up after the accident. Insurance and compensation payments. Court costs. Fines.

Indirect Cost: 1. Lost time by other workers who stop work or reduce performance.  Out of curiosity.  Out of sympathy.  Weakened morale. 2. Lost time by supervisor or other managers.  Assisting injured worker.  Investigating the cause of the accident.  Selecting or training new worker to replace injured worker.  Preparing accident reports, attending hearings, inquests courts. 3. Interference with production leading to failure to fill orders on time, loss of bonuses, penalty payments and similar causes. 4. Loss of good will and reputation. 2. Outline the main components of a health and Safety Management System. (or) Describe the key elements of a health and safety management system. The key elements / main components of a health and safety management systems are [POPMAR], 1. Setting Policy Organizations that are successful in achieving high standards of health and safety have health and safety policy which contribute their business performance, while meeting their responsibilities to people and the environment in way which fulfils both spirit and the letter of the law. In this way they satisfy the expectations of shareholders, workers, customers and society at large. 2. Organizing Organization those are successful in achieving high standards of health and safety are structured and operated so as to put their health and safety policies into effective practice. This is helped by the creation of a positive culture that secures involvement and participation at all levels.

3. Planning and Implementation The successful organizations adopt a planned and systematic approach to policy implementation. Their aim is to minimize the risks created by work activities, products and services. Performance standards are established and performance is measured against them. 4. Measurement or Evaluation Procedures to monitor, measure and record health and safety performance on a regular basis should be developed and periodically reviewed. Responsibility, accountability and authority for monitoring at different levels in the management structure should be allocated. Health and safety performance in organizations that manage health and safety successful is measured against pre-determined standards. 5. Audit The formal process is specifically designed to determine the extent to which the health and safety management system, or elements of it, are compliant with standards (in place, adequate and effective) 6. Review or Action for improvement Health and safety management system audits and management reviews should be established to ensure the management system continues to be effective. Arrangements should be established to aid the continual improvement of health and safety management system. 3. Outline objectives or principles and key elements of health and safety policy 1. To a policy which is specific to the organization and appropriate to its size and nature of its activities. 2. To making the policy concise, clearly written, dated and made effective by the signature or endorsement of the employer or most senior accountable person. 3. To ensure it is communicated to all persons working under the control of the organization with the intent they are made aware of their individual OSH obligations and that the policy is readily accessible to all persons at their work place. 4. To be reviewed continuing suitability, and made available to relevant external interested parties, as appropriate. 5. Protecting the...
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