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Candidate’s observation sheet


Sheet number:
Student Number:
Date of inspection:

Student Name:
Place Inspected:


You should have about 8-10 of these sheets printed off which you should be able to compete in the 60 minutes allocated to this section.
Hazards and consequences

Control measures
Immediate and longer-term actions

(immediate, 1 week, etc)

In the first column of the observation
sheets is where you make a note of the
hazards you have identified as well as
the good practices (do not waste too
much time on good practices as this is
only worth one mark so as long as there
is at least one good practice you can
gain the mark for this). We are looking
for you to identify 30 different hazards.

The next column is the controls section here you must have both short and long term actions for every hazard you
have noted in order to gain the marks.
The short term actions are those which
you can do straight away to prevent the
hazard from causing harm there and

The timeframes for the controls
measures should be thought about and
should be realistic. If immediate is
written on them all management would
have no idea where to start so this
needs to be thought about carefully.

Each hazard must have the
consequences noted so for example if
you note trailing cables you will not gain
the mark however if you note trailing
cables leading to trip hazards then you
will get the marks for this section.
We are looking for you to identify not
only about 30 hazards but cover a wide
range of hazards so have a look
through and see if you have included
hazards from as many different
categories as possible for example:
- fire.
- chemical.
- transport.
- machinery.
- slips/trips/falls.
- heights.
- health.
- welfare.
- signs.
- first aid etc.

The long term hazards are those which
you are suggesting which should
eliminate of reduce the hazards in the
long term so for example:
If the hazard is a chemical spill caused
when pouring chemicals into smaller
containers from a larger one then the
short term control could be to put up
warning signs to warn people of the spill
and put a spill kit down to absorb the
However for the long term we are
looking at actions that would prevent
this from happening again so this could
be to contact the suppliers and order the
chemicals in a smaller container so the
need to transfer to a smaller one for use
is eliminated therefore eliminating the
hazard completely.
When thinking about the long term
hazards think of the hierarchy of control
and always start off with those which
would eliminate the hazard completely
and if this is not possible then work
down the hierarchy to the next level.

Some of the short term actions may be
immediate but the long term ones would
need more time - so you can have
different time frames for the short term
controls and long term actions.
You can have timeframes
of one day, a week,
2 weeks, a month etc - students who
simply write immediate for all of their
time frames will not gain the marks as
not everything can be done immediately
- for some controls the company may
have to ask for tenders from other
companies so this needs to be taken
into account.

There is a checklist that you can use to
ensure you cover as many hazards as
possible in the guidance document.


IGC3 How to complete

issue 1


17 Oct 2012


Page 1


Student Number:

Date of inspection:

Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place. This should start off providing the reader with information about when and where you completed your inspection.
It should then provide the reader with information...
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