Nebosh Idip Unit a (Q&a)

Topics: International Labour Organization, Risk management, Risk assessment Pages: 13 (3767 words) Published: September 21, 2012
UNIT IA – International management of health and safety January 2011
Question 1 (a) Giving reasons in EACH case, identify FIVE persons` who could be interviewed to provide information for an investigation into a workplace accident. (5) (b) Outline the issues to consider when preparing the accident investigation interviews for workers from within the organisation. (5)

* The injured person who would be able to relate what happened; * an eye witness or the first person on the scene who might have observed what happened; * the first aid person who attended to the injured party at the scene of the accident with respect to the injuries received; * the injured person’s manager and/or supervisor who would have knowledge of the process involved, the existing safe systems of work, the procedures that should have been followed and the training and instruction that had been given to the victim; * a technical expert with specialist knowledge of the process or machine involved; * a Trade Union representative who would have knowledge of any previous complaints or incidents associated with the machine or process; * and the safety advisor who would be fully briefed on the systems of work that should have been followed and any possible breaches of the legislation. SECTION B

* need to carry out the investigation interviews as soon as possible after the event though it may be necessary to postpone the process if the witness is injured or in shock. * A suitable date would have to be provided taking into account the availability of the people to be called since shift patterns might have a part to play. * That done, the next step would be to identify the interviewers, to consider where the interviews would be held and * how they would be recorded whether by tape recorder, by Dictaphone or hand written and to gather together any relevant documentation such as risk assessments or training records.

* It would also be important to bear in mind the requirements of employment law and trade union issues such as employee rights, the right to be accompanied or to have legal representation. * Finally consideration would have to be given to the format and distribution of the final accident report and how the information gathered might be used to introduce measures to prevent a recurrence or as a possible defense in any possible prosecution or civil law suit.

Question 2 Outline ways in which a health and safety practitioner could evaluate and develop their own competence. (10)

Health and safety practitioners might evaluate their own practice in a number of ways * including measuring the effects of changes and developments they have introduced and implemented in their organisations;

* by setting personal objectives and targets and assessing their performance against them; * by reviewing failures or unsuccessful attempts to produce change; by benchmarking their practice against that of other practitioners and against good practice case studies or information; * by seeking advice from other competent professionals;

* by seeking feedback from others in the organisation and as part of the annual appraisal of their performance by senior management.

* They may develop their practice by augmenting their core knowledge and competence in obtaining a recognized professional qualification; * by keeping up to date by undertaking training in relevant areas; * by participating in continuing professional development schemes; * by ensuring they have access to suitable information sources to maintain the currency of their knowledge and good practice; * by networking with their peers at safety groups and conferences; * by seeking advice from other competent practitioners and consultants...
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