Nebamun Painting Interpretation

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  • Published : August 11, 2012
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Part III: Interpretation
“Nebamun hunting in the Marshes with his wife and daughter” is an ancient Egypt wall painting that commissioned by Nebamun. The scene in the artwork is depicting his afterlife painting on his tomb. It is because he thought that people would remember him by seeing this painting. Besides, he wanted to show the different of status. According to the social pyramid of 18th Dynasty Egyptian, Nebamun is a scribe and grain accontant as well as nobleman that are in the middle class. The main purpose of this artwork is the importance of Nebamun in afterlife. This artwork has emphasized the personality of Nebamun that is active, optimism, and caring about family. It commemorates it through eternity. The real meanings of this artwork are showing Nebamun is enjoying and seeing beauty in afterlife. It is written by hieroglyphic caption as the background in the artwork. The huge standing figure of Nebamun is present that he is forever happy and forever young in his afterlife. The scene of hunting describes Nebamuun conquest over the nature in his afterlife. This artwork is categories into the imitationlist. Nebamun is scribe and grain counter, which is an accountant in the Temple of Amun. Nebamun is representing the Nobleman of the 18th Dynasty Egyptian and his name means “My Lord is Amun”. Hatsheput, Nebamun’s wife and his daughter represent the idealized family outing in the spirit world. He wanted to be accompanied by his family forever. Nebamun daugther has side-lock hairstyles that represent the sign of youth. The fertile marsh in the artwork is representing the rebirth and the eroticism of human. The feral cat, which is catching birds, is the God of Sun hunting enemies of light and order. The cat and birds are also representing the symbol of fertility and female sexuality. Indirectly, the artwork is telling us the society activities. In 18th Dynasty Egyptian, hunting is depicted rather than netting. It is showing the elite’s ideal activity....
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