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NDAS starts their long journey since 1985. Currently state of NDA office automation, system integration and networking differs from one department to another while some departments work manually. The payroll department currently carries out its own data processing using a mini computer. Due to expansion of the business and complexity of the billing process these processes are automated throughout Florida offices. The marketing and sales department which is headed by Bob Jones runs as a Local Area Network limited the sales and marketing division itself. This connects every personal computer of each account representative. When we come to Accounts receivable division which is headed by Jane Van Dyke, a powerful microcomputer server provides database for both customer billing and bad debts. The accounts payable division that is led by john Lawson functions with its own vender data base stored on an old minicomputer server. This data base holds billing details such as billings of ODI to NDAS and also this division is responsible for the payroll process. A LAN can be established as well since employees here also got PC’s on their desk similar to accounts receivable division. Peter Browne, the maintenance supervisor of the fleet maintenance division refuses to automate his division’s record keeping processes and satisfied with the usual way. Therefore this division has no computer capability. Fleet maintenance division has another part which is ‘Dispatch’. This section also processes its work manually. What is task is to bundle incoming packages. At present this is done twice a day. The off-loaders mark the arrival time and their own initials on the tag when the bundles arrive at the respective delivery points. And then returns the tags to corporate headquarters. When we come to ways and methods of communication in NDAS the Communication with corporate headquarters by various remote offices is done through voicemail, telephone, fax, mail or interoffice mail, or sent on company aircraft along with the daily batch transaction. And communication of remote offices with one another is made through same methods. We can find desktop computers in each of the remote offices. While some of the offices got Apple Macintosh computers while some with Intel-based systems. Lap tops are used by number of managers which gives chances of wired and wireless networking. These lap top computers area not from a single manufacturer but from various computer manufacturers.

Yes, out of the network types Local Area Network (LAN), Backbone Network (BN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), Wide Area Network (WANs). LAN and WAN is beneficial to NDAS, in order to coop with current state of NDAS hardware and software availability. It is clearly mentioned that computers of sales and marketing division is connected by a small LAN. And accounts receivable and payable divisions can take advantages of a LAN connection. There is high volume of benefits to an organization for using a LAN. Resource sharing is possible in a LAN environment. A single hardware resource can be shared among many employees. For an example let us take a printer. These clearly reduce the overhead cost of a business. In the same way software packages also can be shared. And then we can look to information sharing. This allows employee to access same files and easy transfer of files to one another, which allows multi user access as well. Other than that LAN allows a centralized data storage. When we refer to Accounts receivable division of NDAS, this division uses a powerful microcomputer server which provides database for both customer billing and bad debts. Similarly accounts payable division stores its vender database on an old minicomputer server. Through this network backups are easier since they are centralized on one physical location. The LANs consider high security. Highly valuable data is secured from unauthorized access or any data loss. And a separate massaging...
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