Ncp Varicocele

Topics: Vein, Blood, Testicle Pages: 4 (463 words) Published: February 19, 2011
|ASSESSMENT |DIAGNOSIS |ANALYSIS |PLANNING |INTERVENTION |RATIONALE |EVALUATION | |Subjective: | | |STG: |Independent: | | | |“Pain In My Left |Pain related to Venous |Varicocele occurs when the |After an hour of nursing |(Establish Rapport |(To Build Trust |After an hour of nursing | |Testicle”as verbalized by |Insufficiency & Stasis |valves within the veins |intervention causative |(Monitor the patient LOC (Level of|(To check the response to|intervention, causative | |the Patient. |as manifested by dull |along the spermatic cord do |factors will be |Consciousness). |activity. |factors of scrotal pain | | |ache in the left side of|not work properly. |identified and diagnostic|(Monitor V/S |(To maintain Baseline |were identified and | |Objective:, |testicle, pale, weak and|Abnormal valves inside the |procedures will be done | |Data. |diagnostic procedures were| |Restlessness, pale, weak |restlessness. |vein in spermatic cord |afterwards as requested, |(Supine Position. |(Increase venous |done properly as | |and discomfort at left side| |prevent blood flow properly |to confirm the initial | |capacitance, to decrease |requested. Initial | |of testicle. | |from the testicle back into |diagnosis. | |size and pressure. |diagnosis was confirmed. | |Pain scale of 6...
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