Ncp Mastits

Topics: Lactation, Breast milk, Breast Pages: 2 (288 words) Published: February 6, 2013

Breast tenderness

Temperature is elevated (38.3 degree celcius)

Body malaise

Scant amount of breast milk


Subjective cues:

“Sakit kaayo akong totoy day. Lain jud kaayo siya”

Altered comfort: Acute pain related to mastitisMastitis refers to the parenchymatous inflammation of the mammary glands. Causative organism is usually staphylococcus aureus from the neonate’s throat or nose.After holistic caring care the patient will be able to verbalize relief of painAssess and record the amount of discomfort

Instruct the mother to wear firm breast binder or well-fitted brazier

Encourage use of small side pillows for support

Institute infection control measures such as breast hygiene

Administer antibiotic such as dicloxacillin for 10 days

The patient verbalizes relief of pain


Breast appears lumpy and red

Burning sensation while breastfeeding

Warmth to touch

Swelling of the breast

General malaise

Subjective cues:
“Lisuran nako patotoy day.”Ineffective breast feeding related to pain secondary to mastitisMastitis Occurs postpartum in about 1% of patients, mainly in primiparas who are breastfeeding. The pathologic organism usually enters through a crack or fissure in the nipples After it enters, the organism travels to the milk ducts where breast milk provides an excellent medium for growth

After holistic caring care the patient will be able to continue breast feeding Show how to position the infant properly •Suggest applying a warm wet towel to the affected breast •Encourage the patient to pump breast milk in the unaffected side •Instruct the patient to use other alternatives such as formula feeding •Teach the patient good health care, breast care and breast-feeding habits

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