Ncp Activity Intolerance

Topics: Muscle, Nursing care plan, Muscular system Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: January 28, 2013

Student: Munoz, Helen Rose Yr/Sec: III-BArea: 5A Patient’s name: M.C. Diagnosis: STEMI

ASSESSMENT| DIAGNOSIS| INFERENCE| PLANNING| INTERVENTION| EVALUATION| | Objective: -Easily Fatigue-Walks slowly-Use of wheelchair-Limited Range of Motion| Activity Intolerance r/t decreased muscle strength secondary to old age| MusculoskeletalMuscle mass is a primary primary source of metabolic heat. When muscles contract, heat is generated. The heat generated by muscle contraction maintains body temperature in the range required for normal function of its various chemical processes. As early as the third decade of life there is a general reduction in size, elasticity and strength of all mass continues throughout the elder years. Muscle fibers continue to become smaller in diameter due to a decrease in reserves of ATP, glycogen, myoglobin and number of myofibrils. As result, as the body ages, muscular activity becomes less efficient and requires more effort to accomplish given task. The elderly are less efficient at creating the heat necessary to drive the important biochemical reactions necessary for life.| Short term:After 3 hours of nursing interventions, the patient will be able to demonstrate behaviors that reduce the risk for bleeding and infection as manifested by:1.) Identify ways to cope up with fatigue.2.) Return Demonstrate basic range of motion exercises.3.) Give the importance of maintaining muscle tonicity.Long term:After 2 days of nursing intervention, the client will be able to have full knowledge in identifying the risk factors of the infection as manifested by:-Being free from signs and symptoms of related to infection and bleeding. | - Teach client different range of motion exercises.- Encourage resting after every activity.- Teach client pursed-lip breathing.- Monitor vital...
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