Nco Disrespect Towarsds

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Disrespecting An NCO Essay Today this essay will be about disrespecting a Non Commission Officer or (NCO). There is many different ways and form’s of disrespecting an NCO. One way that you could disrespect an NCO is the way you talk, move, facial movements, how your voice is, your body language, and most of all how you present yourself towards an NCO. Lets start off with the way you talk. The way you talk can be a big factor in how your SGT can take it. So the best way to avoid any confrontation between you and your SGT is to always agree to what there saying. When they tell you something you do it. Its yes SGT Roger SGT. Its not well SGT, maybe SGT, or No SGT. You always have to be respectful towards Your SGT because in the military its all about the ranking system. You may not respect the person but you have to respect the rank. So you always have to be respectfull when there talking to you. Now the next thing that’s a big factor on being respectful towards a NCO is on how you move. When a NCO talks to you. You always have to stand at the position of parade rest. You have to stand up straight and with shoulder back, neck back and when there talking to you you have to look them straight in the eye. Now the next thing to do to respect NCO is your facial movements. When your NCO’S are talking to you have to look them straight in the eye without any facial movements . you cant cock your eye brows you cant roll your eyes, you have to pretty much have no facial expressions. You have to look them straight faced not laughting nothing. And now one of the last things about respecting NCO’S is the way your voice is towards the NCO. When you talk to someone like I said you have to be like yes sgt, no sgt, roger sgt, and when there talking to you. You cant have that toan in your voice where it sounds like your trying to retaliate, you cant have the voice like your trying to be better then your NCO. You have to know that...
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