Ncea Level 2 [Nz] No Ordinary Sun and to Sea, to the Mountain, to the River Analysis

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  • Published : September 11, 2010
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For EACH of the texts, analyze how the writer used symbolism and / or figurative language to develop an important idea.

In the poems No Ordinary Sun and The Sea, to the Mountain, to the River by Hone Tuwhare, the poet used figurative language to develop the theme ‘destruction of environment.’ By using simile, personification and imagery, Tuwhare expresses his sadness at the careless action of men and their continual destruction of nature.

The Sea, to the Mountain, to the River is about the relationship between land and men. In the poem, workers are building a dam to obtain electricity. Tuwhare wants people to realize that we are destroying the environment for the sake of progress without even caring about the effect and implications it will bring. In No Ordinary Sun, Tuwhare expresses his concern about the deadly effects of an atomic bomb explosion on humanity and nature as a whole. Again, people are destroying the environment for the sake of progress and in doing so; they risk other people’s lives.

Tuwhare used simile in the poem, The Sea, to the Mountain, to the River, to diminish the status of men to that of unthinking creatures. The example “as skilled as spiders” not only implies that men are unwanted by nature, like spiders to human, but also that they are considered as tiny, insignificant insects crawling over the face of the earth. Tuwhare wants the readers to see the workmen as a nuisance and pest, the way the nature see them. He’s appealing to the emotional side of the readers and makes them feel sorry for nature.

Personification is also used by Tuwhare to stress the interaction of nature and to help the readers see the sea, the river and the mountain as people like them, who feel sad and hurt by the actions of men. Tuwhare wants the readers to empathize with nature and be moved by its feelings. The river was personified as having its tongue torn out: “… to tear out the river’s tongue.” This describes the damage men are doing to the...
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