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Internship Report
Anderkilla Branch, Chittagong

Title: Overall Banking systems of NCCBL

Prepared By

Internship Report

Submitted to


Submitted By

Dept. of
University of Chittagong.

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Dear Sir,

I have the pleasure to inform you that I accomplished my internship program at the National Credit and Commerce Bank limited, Chittagong. I tried my best to know about the company by observing its activities. This report, which I would like to submit to you for your evaluation, is a discussion of my observation.

I sincerely believe and hope that you will find this study very interesting, informative and enlightening and will help future researchers for extended research in this field.

I beg your kind excuse for the unintentional error that may take place in the report in spite of my best efforts. I hope that you would be kind enough to receive this report and bless me hearty.

Thanking you
Yours truly,



While doing this report, I have been assisted by many. I remember my friends and collogues who did their best to help me in complete this report.

Firstly, I like to thank my teacher Dr. Harunur Rashid for agreeing to be my supervisor and allowing me to write the report on the proposed topic. In the report proposal, he inserted necessary corrections and suggestions. Later on, I based my work on those suggestions.

Secondly, I cordially like to thanks one of the best banking personality of present time “Mr. Swapan Kumar Das” Senior Executive Vice president of NCC Bank Ltd. to give me the opportunity. Without these, I would have to face colossal difficulty in doing my job.

I also don’t want to miss the opportunity to thanks “Taher Ahmed” S.A.V.P in NCC Bank Ltd. He posed relentless and undaunted on whole request I made to him regarding finding out of current information and publications to do my internship report.

Finally I want to express my deepest sense of gratitude to Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Osmani (A.V.P), Mr. Mahbub Hossain (SPO), MD. Selim (PO) and all my colleagues of NCC Bank, Andarkilla Branch those who support me by whatever means they had.

Executive summery

On completion of MBA program of the business faculty, university of Chittagong is required to undertake an internship program. For this purpose each of them is attached with an institution.

The basic purpose of this attachment is to expose the students to real situation and acquaint them with practice of modern business world. This exposure is helpful to know how things move and to find the gap as well as similarly between theoretical knowledge and practical operation.

The internship is designed to bridge the gulf between the theoretical knowledge and real life experience as a part of masters of business administration (MBA) program. It is designed to have a practical experience while passing through the theoretical understanding.

In the present competitive financial market, each organization has to operate efficiently in its optimum capacity. On the eve of the arrival of the year 2006, each bank has been preparing to face new kind of challenges from the various fields. My reports contains five parts: Introduction, overview of NCC Bank , Bank operation of NCC, performance analysis and last part include problems identification, summery of main finding and recommendation and conclusion.

In my report, I have mainly focused on the “ Performance and Evaluation of NNBL”. I have seen that, operational profit before provision gradually increased except the year 2005.

During my staying in NCC Bank ltd, I experience a lot of things from my assigned desks work. I observe that , banker –...
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