NCAA: Student Athlete Requirements

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  • Published : March 12, 2012
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Bri Oliver
A.P English 3B
Mrs. Scott
25 Jan. 2012
Student Athlete Requirements: Too Strenuous or not Enough?
When kids are little, most everyone will participate in some sort of little league sports program. Most of those children will then continue on to play that sport threw high school and if they are lucky, even threw college. When a child is young and in sports, the responsibility that ensures that grades are being maintained falls into the hands of the parents, so therefore it is a rare occasion to see their grades being greatly effected. Once a student reaches high school though, then the problem sets in and trends can be noticed in the grades during season and off season. Many people argue that the point of sports is to prepare the athletes for the "real world" and teach them life skills, such as the ability to work as a team, determination, perseverance, etc. . Most of those people also believe that grades should remain the number one priority to the athlete. In the eyes of many, the current standards for participating in high school and college sports are not strenuous enough and do not ensure success for the athlete, and in this statement they are correct. The academic requirements need to be pushed to a higher level and made more challenging.

The NCAA was founded in 1906 and since then they have made strides toward setting proper academic standards regarding student athletes. A meeting was held in May of 1991 that started a big push to develop stronger standards for academics (NCAA 1). On January 10, 1992 the NCAA adopted Prop. 16, which set the requirements for eligibility based on test scores and grade point averages (NCAA 1). Since then many major increases in the requirements have occurred, especially in the past decade. For high school athletes at GlenOak, one must be passing at least five classes and maintain a minimum grade point average of a 2.0. For NCAA athletes one must complete four major tasks in order to first become eligible....
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