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  • Published: November 17, 2014
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“The Coming of the Holy Spirit:
A Study of the Acts 2 Pentecost”

A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Course
NBST 522

Dr. Robert Kendall

Jeffery S. Cully
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary & Graduate School
Liberty University
Student ID #L23736349
June 2012

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Table of Contents
Old and New Testament Pneumatology5
The Pentecost Tradition8
Coming of the Holy Spirit11
The Response13
Peters Sermon14
A Growing Church17

Ten days have passed since Christ’s glorious ascension; now the Feast of Pentecost is at hand celebrating God’s revelation of Himself at Mount Sinai. It is by no mere coincidence that over a half a millennium later God will use this same occasion to forever memorialize the gifting of the Holy Spirit, by which His creation is now empowered to witness to the Good News, that the Christ has come. The apostles must have experienced an air of electrifying anticipation as they gather about in what Luke simply describes as “one place” but was more than likely Solomon’s Portico.1 These twelve apostles along with an additional one hundred and eight faithful obey the command of their Lord as they wait the Promise of the Father; what Luke will refer to as a mighty wind. Ever the diligent historian, Luke has vividly recorded in Acts 2 what must have been truly one of the most astonishing of events.

Suddenly as without warning the disciples find themselves enveloped by a strange yet wonderful, supernatural manifestation.2 Each are immediately filled with the Holy Spirit in what surely resembled the Shekinah glory of God as seen by Moses. The promise which Jesus had made to His disciples weeks before at the last supper has come to...
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