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Micro environment analysis:
The micro environment factors consists of actors and forces close to Moyo that can affect its ability to serve customers, the company itself, marketing channel firms, suppliers and keep a close eye on its competitors. (Refer appendix 2 for Moyos microenvironment his analysis).  Kotler, Bowen & Makens (2003, p. 114) state “Product development is responsible for creating new products to fit the needs of the changing marketplace”. Moyo has made consistent and creative efforts to attract customers. The products and services are highly differentiated compared to its competitors. To retain loyal customers Moyo should introduce loyalty programmes so as to create an emotional bonding with the customers. Moyos strategy to concentrate on tourists and higher upper income South Africans according to the author is a negative idea. If the locals are not conquered first the Moyo brand going global would be of no use even though the case study says it also make items to suit the “light pockets”. The African theme suits Moyos ambience along with the ‘wishee washee’ ladies. In the case study Moyo has a selection of suppliers who are from his own farm land and also the suppliers of Moyo handicrafts are from his own factory, where he provides employment to local women and also a few handicrafts from Morocco. Thus Moyo as a brand should have a contact with few more local suppliers to avert any risk in the future. If Moyo as a brand wants to go global, the handicraft items when exported to various countries, would hike the prices of these items considerably when sold in stores due to various government fees levied in various countries. Thus Moyo would have to come up with a concept of generating suppliers in the respective countries manufacturing African handicrafts. The author claims that Moyos main business as per the case study is restaurants, but they are also relying heavily on retail to promote the business.
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