Nba Where Amazing Happens

Shaquille O'Neal

Before my speech, please let me play a short video for us to have a relax.

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen.

So you should already know what I am going to talk about, yes, you are right. Today I am going to talk about NBA, talk about basketball.

OK, What have you seen in the video? Player? Basketball? And cheering people? The slam dunking, the blocking, or the three points shooting? Yes, they are, but there are something more than that. After my speech, maybe you will find out something.

A hundred years ago, in 1891, James Naismith who is a PE teacher invented the basketball. Fifty years later, in 1946, NBA was founded in New York. Today, basketball is become one of the most popular games in the world, and NBA is become another name of basketball.

Now, welcome to the NBA’s world, you would love this game.

The basketball is a game which the two teams confront directly, so we always think it is a battle field. That’s true, but there is also another side of NBA, it is the place full of fun. Here, someone always put his tongue outside—maybe you know his name, and the action become popular because of his successful. (MICHAEL JORDAN) So be successful is very important, agree? Here, some people not only like dancing, and also like using his customized cell phone.(Shaquille O’Neal) Here, someone believe he got super power, and one day he finally put on supper-man’s clothes and tried to fly. (Dwight Howard) Here, someone’s performance is so beautiful and you will doubt whether they are in a competition. If you want fun, you will like NBA, especially the all-star night.

Yes, NBA is a game with lots of fun, but it is much more than a game, next I am going to tell you NBA is not just about a game.

When Allen Iverson kept fighting with more than 30 injuries in all of his body, he showed us it is not just about a game. When Alonzon Mourning came back to the NBA court with his changed kidney, he used a key blocking in the final game to show us, it...
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