Nba Is Better Than the Fl

Topics: National Football League, Super Bowl, Playoffs Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Gregory Rickson
October 14, 2012
Mr. Brown
Period 6

The NBA is better than the NFL!
Anyone that is a sports fan or a basketball fan per se knows that basketball season starts in the last week of October. Unlike the NFL starting in September and ending in January or February with the Super Bowl. You have more time to play ball when you’re with the NBA. I think the NBA is better than the NFL. To support my argument I have three reasons why the NBA is better than the NFL. The players have actual power, the best team always wins the championship, and each player matters.

Firstly, I would like to address my first point, that the players have actual power. No other professional athletes are as self-aware as NBA players, and in no other team sport are black professional athletes afforded the same opportunity to take advantage of this self-awareness. They know they’re valuable commodities with a definite window of earning power, and they act accordingly because they have leverage.

Secondly, the best team always wins the championship. In the National Football League, a team can sneak into the playoffs after winning approximately half of their regular season games, catch a couple of somewhat lucky breaks, and make it all the way to the Super Bowl. With a few more lucky breaks, they can win the Super Bowl. While this unpredictable parity is usually lauded as one of the best things about the NFL, it’s completely unfair, completely wrong, and easily one of my least favorite things about the league. However, with the NBA's best-of-seven game playoff series format, the NBA ensures that stunts the NFL pull doesn’t occur. The best teams, the teams most deserving of winning, usually win. If you want to win in the NBA playoffs, you have to actually go and get better. You can’t rely on bad weather or lucky breaks to help your cause.

Lastly, each player in the NBA matters. From the greatness of Ron Artest to the basketball gifted Kobe Bryant, each NBA player has a...
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