Nazi Propaganda Pamphlet

Topics: Nazi Germany, Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: October 13, 2013
HIST 100
Nazi Propaganda Pamhlet

Nazi Propaganda Pamphlet was written by Joseph Goebbels in 1930. It was like an advertisement to encourage normal people believe in Nazi. Goebbels reveals that Nazis were nationalists and socialists, and he emphasized that Germany was superior nation that other nations. It advocated Germans should love their country and protect their country. German people need the courage to against its hostile enemies without any conditions. Nazi also detested Marxism because Nazi extremely believed in nationalism that ignores or sacrifice other nations’ benefits in order to find profits for their own nation. Nazi firmly believed those good things such as future, freedom and fatherland could not be achieved without nationalism. It changed the original idea of socialism, and developed it into ultra nationalism. Hitler used nationalism and socialism to cover the racial discrimination at behind. Nazi thought Jewish race was inferior and weak nation; therefore, Jews should be weed out and become extinct. German people regard Jews as plastic demon of the decline of mankind. They also thought that Jews took away vast economic benefits from their sufferings. Jewish people had to take the responsibility for German misery. It was truly racism because Germans had belief and racial problems with Jews. Hitler made use of these problems and created a broad social base as the anti-semitism. He tried to incite German people's revenge sentiments. At this time period, Germany just lost on the World War I. There was too much people’s wrath around this country. They moved their anger toward innocent Jewish people. However, this action corresponded to German politics because it was a good time to incite people in order to prepare the further aggression. Nazis needed those people who are fanatical Nazi followers to help them to establish the supremacy.
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