Nazi Policies

Topics: Nazi Germany, Germany, World War I Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Describe the way the Nazi government set about providing jobs for the unemployed in Germany after 1933.

In 1929 a worldwide depression began due to the Wall Street Crash. This hit Germany particularly hard as the agreements of the treaty of Versailles, made post World War I, placed war guilt upon Germany and had meant that they owed countries like Britain and France a great deal of money. Unable to pay this money Germany agreed a plan called the Dawes plan with the USA, meaning that the USA would loan out money to the Germans to pay their debts. However when the Wall Street Crash did happen USA recalled these loans leaving Germany in a terrible state. It caused people to stop buying meaning jobs were lost and by 1933 it had escalated into having 6 million unemployed people. The Nazi’s party took advantage of the state of the country, especially the unemployment, and for the 1930’s election they issued the “Unsere Letzte Hoffnung” poster. They told the people that they would solve the problem of unemployment, and although they didn’t say how they were going to do this, it was enough to gain the vote as all other parties were only saying how they would try. But once in power, how did the Nazi’s reduce the number unemployed. One way in which the Nazi’s set about solving the problem of unemployment was the system of public works. This offered jobs that were not there previously to the unemployed. These jobs included building Autobahns (motorways), extending and creating railways, building houses and hospitals and creating drainage ditches. This meant that unskilled unemployed workers had access to jobs which they took, removing them from unemployment figures. This was further backed up by increased punishment for being unemployed and known as “work shy”; these punishments included spending time at labour camps. A second way how Nazi government set about solving unemployment was by introducing the DAF (German Labour Front). The DAF created rules whereby workers...
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