Nazi Medical Experiments

Topics: Schutzstaffel, Nazi human experimentation, Josef Mengele Pages: 4 (1297 words) Published: October 30, 2011

Nazi Medical Experiments

Jean Paul Marion-Landais
Jackson Memorial School of Radiology


The Nazi Dr.’s performed a vast array of experiments on most if not all of the prisoners they held in their concentration camps. Such experiments caused a great deal of dilemmas across all the nations in the world. Headed by Dr. Josef Mengele one of the most controversial individual that has ever worn the label of Medical Doctor, the experiments dealt with how the human body reacted to a wide array of conditions and procedures in order to enhance the German race as well as the Nazi army.

Nazi Medical Experiments

Adolph Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, brought to light the medical operations Nazi Germany was performing on Jews, Gypsies, and prisoners of war. The Nazi ideology of perfection caused the death of more than 200,000 people who were thought of as ill or and not pure as a result of the Euthanasia Program. Not only Jews, fell victims to the Nazi death strike. Slavs, Gypsies, Communist, Gay men, Religious groups, mentally and Physically disabled people, among them also native Germans who were seen as unfit according to the Nazi social and racial code. (Nazi Human Experimentation)

The medical experiments conducted in Nazi concentration camps were divided into two major categories. The first one, were experiments that were not completely ethically unacceptable and could have been thought of as beneficial however, the problem was in the way they were conducted; the methods made them ethically wrong. These experiments dealt with rescue and surviving medical treatment. Designed to facilitate the survival of Axis military personnel, scientist used prisoners to perform tests to determine the highest altitude a person can withstand in order to deploy a parachute in case of an emergency; also they used the prisoners as guinea pigs in the “Freezing” experiments. These experiments were executed by making the prisoners...
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