Nazi Germany in the 1930s

Topics: Nazi Germany, Jews, Judaism Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Dylen Propes
Park Hill South High School
Ms. Alicia Walker

Jews faced several problems that made life very difficult and strenuous during the mid-1930s. People who were Jewish were often persecuted and treated as the worst class of people when it comes to social hierarchy. Throughout this time, there were many things happening to Germany that were of and related to government, which destroyed the ability for a Jewish citizen to have a positive life. There were several hardships and problems faced by Jews regarding emigration out of Europe. Also, Jewish people during this time period suffered from government and social ridicule, losing many rights and necessities that should be given to every human being upon birth.

During the mid-1930s, Germany tried to persecute Jews by forcing their emigration from the country. This was caused by the anti-Semitic legislation in Germany. Jews were not allowed to take with them any more than $4 and very few belongings. Along with that, trying to get to another country was nearly impossible. With the terrible great depression that was occurring, other countries were afraid that immigrants would threaten local job opportunities, thus emigration out of Germany was very difficult for Jews (Obstacles to Immigration). All the documents required to leave the country were also nearly impossible to obtain. Jews often called these “Bureaucratic Hurdles”. These were up to 15 documents that could include 5 visa applications, 2 local citizen sponsorships, tax and financial documents, police conduct documents and evaluations, a physical, and proof of a booked passage to the new country(Documents Required to Obtain a Visa). According to Ann Jacobson , when she emigrated out of Austria, when it became part of the Reich, her father was only allowed to take $80 and they had extreme difficulty finding all the documents required to move (“Flight From the Reich”). This was extremely fortunate for her to be able to get the...
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