Nazi Germany and C. Saddam Hussein

Topics: Nazi Germany, Nazism, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Michael Murphy Period 8 Final Outline 3/3/12

I. Introduction
A. Throughout history many dictators have ruled their country based on fear. B. Adolf Hitler was a very powerful and ruthless dictator who was a brilliant, but sick minded person. C. Saddam Hussein was another very powerful ruler who used fear tactics to gain and maintain power. D. Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein both were extremely cruel rulers that were feared by many people. E. Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein are similar in foreign policies, unification of followers, political affiliations, invasions, crimes against humanity, and religious opposition and are different in the reasons they got power and economic policies.

II. Foreign Policies (Similar)
A. Adolf Hitler
1. Hitler had very few allies and didn’t trust other countries. 2. Hitler disregarded the requests of other nations.
B. Saddam Hussein
1. Saddam also had very few allies and had no trust in other countries. 2. Saddam also disregarded requests of other nations.
III. Unification of followers (Similar)
A. Adolf Hitler
1. Hitler brainwashed young people with his racial ideology. 2. Hitler blamed Germany’s economic failure on nations who opposed him and different ethic and religious groups. 3. A major component in unifying his followers was using fear tactics. A. Saddam Hussein

1. Saddam Hussein brutally beat and brainwashed people so that they would follow him. 2. Saddam also blamed Iraq’s economy failure on nations who opposed him and different ethnic and religious groups. 3. Saddam used fear tactics like torturing and killing people. IV. Political Affiliations (Similar)

A. Adolf Hitler
1.Hitler was the founder and leader of the...
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