Nazi Germany and Nazi Parties

Topics: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Germany Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: August 8, 2012
Hitler the leader of the German nation deserves 30% of the blame. He convinced the German people that the Nazi party had the answers. He wanted to purify the race by eliminating any other people who did not fit in with his idea of the perfect race.

The residents of Auschwitz and other towns near concentration camps who knew about the camps who knew about the camps but did nothing to stop them deserve 10% of the blame. Other people risked their lives to help the people in the camps.

The minor Nazi soldiers deserve 5% of the blame. They carried out the mass extermination orders without questioning their superiors. If they would have questioned their superiors they might have been shot.

German citizens who voted for Hitler and Nazi Party to revitalize their morally and economically depressed country deserve 10% of the blame. If they had voted for another candidate then maybe the Holocaust would never have happened.

The Jews who did not try to escape don’t deserve any blame. They should not have had to escape. Even if they did they probably would have gotten caught and killed sooner.
The top SS officers deserve 15% of the blame. They were the ones who designed the different ways to kill the Jews. They also executed the “final solution” for Hitler.
Non-Jewish Europeans who turned against their Jewish friends and fellow citizens for fear that they too would be imprisoned as Jewish sympathizers deserve 10% of the blame. They should not have feared that they would be looked upon as Jewish sympathizers.

Leaders of the Allied countries who saw evidence of the Holocaust but refused to get involved or voice opposition to Hitler’s plan of extermination deserve 10% of the blame. Some might not have helped because they couldn’t afford to, but most didn’t because they were allies of Germany.

Churches of all denominations that remained silent and refused to intervene when confronted with evidence of the Holocaust deserve 10% of the blame. The Pope and...
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